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Toucan, is a robust cloud based vending management software for running in your desktop web browser, on a PC, Mac or laptop. It is designed to help you track your locations, machines, and products and provide you with analytical tools for revenue analysis and product usage reports.

Toco, is the smaller footprint application that runs in the cloud with Toucan. It is designed for running in a mobile browser on a small device with a smaller screen, like a tablet or phone. Making your vending software more mobile so you can take it with you anywhere.

Transfers, is an import/export utility designed around customers who may already have location or machine information in a spreadsheet or some other data source and they want to import that into their cloud. Transfers allows you to import your basic information about your Machines, Products, or Locations into your cloud using a simple .csv file.

Inventory, is the app to use to track the product in your storage area, purchases made, from which supplier, what was the cost, what is the expiration date, etc. Also use it to examine cost of goods sold, and product vend analysis.

Since both Toucan and Toco are hosted in the VendingZoo cloud, any information you enter into one of them is shared by both of them and changes occur instantly.

Video Training Series

Video Training Series

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Transfers Manual

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Toco Manual

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